Vegan Chocolate Orange Cake- PinTest#3

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while ♥ i’m glad to be back 🙂 I’d like to start by saying I made this cake twice in 4 days…that should speak for itself. I must admit I was a bit sceptical with this one cos the instructions and ingredients were super simple and I already had them all on hand which is rarely the case! This is an impressive cake that’s suitable for parties and well, watching movies alone on any day of the week!

kekcollage1.jpgThe original recipe is for a gorgeous zebra cake. However for us folks who want to get the thing in the oven as soon as possible so we can shovel it in our mouths sooner, it works well as a marble cake too!

To make it a marble cake,just layer about 1/2 cup of each batter on top of each other and on opposite sides of the pan. Still looks pretty impressive to me! (♥ ∇ ♥)



Recipe Suggestions:

  1. Add orange zest to the chocolate cake as well- this isn’t listen in the original recipe but ties the cake together perfectly
  2. Use brewed coffee instead of water for the chocolate cake- this makes it a lot more rich and flavourful. You could even sub the water for plant milk instead.
  3. Sub a 2 tablespoons of the amount of oil in each batter with aquafaba(liquid from a can of chickpeas or boiled dry chickpeas)- I did this the first time I made the cake and it was way fluffier than the second time when I didn’t sub in the aquafaba.
  4. Reduce the sugar in both batters. I reduced the sugar by a couple of tablespoons and still found it perfectly sweet. This will also depend on how sweet your oranges are.
  5.  Frost/ glaze that mother. Extra calories = extra happiness. I promise.


THIS. WAS. SO. GOOD. Must’ve eaten half the pan, no kidding.

So here’s the amazing vegan chocolate and orange zebra cake that I 100% recommend.

Rating: 9/10. Would’ve been 10/10 if zesting oranges wasn’t so damn tedious haha.

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